Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nativity Advent Calendar

I have worked with Marks & Spencer to create this Nativity Advent calendar for this year and it is now available in store. I couldn't believe how early they started working on Christmas calendar. ( I was commissioned for this job in March! ) It is so nice to see them out. Please also check out 24 individual illustration inside each window!

今年のはじめに、イギリスのスーパー、Marks & Spencerと今年のクリスマス アドベントカレンダーの仕事をさせていただきました。11月に入りハロウィーンが終わったあたりからクリスマス商品が出始めるのですが、このアドベントカレンダーもついにお店に出始めました!アドベントカレンダーは12月の1日からクリスマス当日までのカウントダウンを楽しむ、日めくりカレンダーです。一般的なものは、中にチョコレートが入っていて、1日ずつカレンダーの窓を開けるごとに1個チョコが入っています。一つずつ開けられた窓の中にも24種類のイラストを描いてあります。

Friday, 5 October 2012

Sew your own Rag Doll

I have worked with Quadrille publishing earlier this year to make Cath Kidston's craft book, " Sew your own Rag Doll"published this autumn.  I have illustrated the 2D rag doll illustration inside and also illustrated the rag doll that is printed on the fabric so that you can make your own 3D rag doll!
Below is the photo of fabric that comes with the book. Rag doll is printed on this. So you can cut it out and sew them together.

I was a little bit worried when I was illustrating in 2D knowing that the doll will be 3D when it is sewn but the doll looks lovely! ( bit biased but anyhow.) Thank you to Quadrille publishing and pattern maker and everyone involved in making this book!  You can buy Cath Kidston fabric and make clothes for the doll. Patterns and how to make is also inside the book.
Why not try making your own Rag doll this autumn? 


今年のはじめにQuadrille publishingさん(出版社さん)と縫いぐるみ人形(ラグドール)のお仕事をさせていただきました。それがやっと わが家に届きました!私が担当したのは 本の中の2Dのラグドールのイラストと実際に縫うと3Dになるラグドールです。Quadrille Publishingさんは毎年、キャス・キッドソンとクラフトの本を出していて、今年は縫いぐるみ人形ということみたいです。 絵を描いているときは、人形が3Dになるんだと分かりつつも、2Dの絵をパターンの上に描いていたで、どんなものやらと少し不安でしたが、できてみるとかわいいですね。さすがデザイナーさんとパターンの担当さん!



Tuesday, 12 June 2012

London scenes


I have done more of details into the London by Day and Night  illustration. I will be putting up the composite illustration in the next blog. Here are some of London scene I have done.

Monday, 28 May 2012

London by Day and Night - new illustration

It is rather late to be talking about it but I went to Pick Me Up Contemporary Art fair at Somerset house in March. The works there were so inspirational and I felt so excited! I found one illustrator/printmaker I really liked the work of. His name is Jon McNaught. ( his work the middle picture.) It is so graphical yet still has very nice illustrative feel to it. So I was inspired by him and wanted to do a new work on London.  
Here it is my new work. London by day and night. ( Top picture.) Could have added more people, or neon scene but do you get the feel?

3月にサマーセット・ハウスのグラフィック/イラスト展で、ジョン・マクナウトというイラストレーター&プリントメーカーの人の作品に出会いました。(写真:真ん中と3番目)デザインされつつもイラストの温かみを含んだ作品がとても素敵で、その人に影響され、今回はロンドンの絵を描いてみました。 ロンドンの昼の顔と夜の顔を表したんだけど、もうちょっと夜景と朝のラッシュの風景とかも含めば良かったのかなぁ?


Monday, 16 April 2012

Bingley the cat story book finished!


Final two illustrations for Maree was submitted. I was really glad to hear that she really loved the illustrations and they gave her an inspiration to finish the book. I really enjoyed working with her too.
Thank you for the opportunity and I really enjoyed B&W illustrations. Now all the works are uploaded on my website, so lease have a look.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New B&W book Illustration

I have been working on a beautiful story written by Maree Chapman-Wallis. I am close to finishing book illustration for her and it has been a good experience to work on B&W inserts. I have not done too many of tonal work since university so it made me think about the tones a lot.

The story involves her cat and her memories from Australia and her friends. Her cat, Bingley is just so cute.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Winter Health & Beauty illustration on Morrisons Magazine!

 Article words by Kate Best

I was commissioned to do illustrations for Health & Beauty article for Morrisons Magazine few months ago and now it is published! It is inside their issue Jan/Feb 2012.
I am so happy to see them come out on a printed material! Thanks to D's colleague for picking up the magazine as well. Hoping to do some more works this year to expand my portfolio.