Thursday, 10 December 2015

2016 Calendar

2016 is near!

I have designed a calendar for 2016! It is featuring my favourite seasonal food and drinks on each month. It is now available for purchase from my Etsy shop so please have a look!

Below is the link to the calendar. Or you can find the mini photo on the right hand column of this blog. Just click on the photo to jump to my Etsy shop.


Monday, 30 November 2015

Children's literacy- "Catching Clouds"

Over the summer I had an opportunity to work on a book for Children's literacy, "Catching Clouds" written by Aleesah Darlison, published by Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealand.

The book is about a girl who wanted to become friends with a cloud. They spend time together going for a walk and riding through the night sky but one day the cloud started to miss its other friends in the sky.

I enjoyed illustrating the girl and the cloud's adventure, especially the night sky scene. I was also asked to do a hand-written text for the title and the re-cap of the story at the end. It was interesting writing text with paint and brush.

The book is not for sale at retail stores but is available for schools to read for children.

今年の夏は、Aleesah Darlisonさん作の絵本、「Catching Clouds」(Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealandさんから出版)の挿画のお仕事をさせていただきました。



Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Illustration File 2015

I am delighted to announce that I was invited to be part of this year's Illustration file 2015. (Published in Japan.) It's my first time to put out my work on anything that is published in Japan. So I am very happy for this opportunity.
I am hoping for opportunities in the future to do some work for Japanese audiences.
Below is more detailed image of my page in the publication.

今年は、イラストレーションファイル2015年版の掲載にお声をかけていただき、私の過去1年の作品とプロフィールを載せていただきました。(上巻 114ページに掲載)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Wedding tree illustration

I had a pleasure to work on my friend's wedding graphics this year.
The request included a wedding tree illustration featuring the couple and her favourite animal, and a welcome board. Both illustrations were displayed at the reception.
The wedding tree is becoming popular at weddings in Japan these days. ( I hadn't heard about it until this job!) A leaf-less tree is decorated by the guests with leaf stamps or fingerprint and their signature. The tree will then have complete look after the guests' contribution.

Congratulations and wishing both a happy future to come!



Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Continued from previous alphabet series, I have done those 4 in the recent weeks. The style is slightly varied from children's book type illustration to more sophisticated style. ( I need to find the way to stick to one, I guess) My husband thinks the animals are more realistically illustrated here than caricatured or drawn in more graphical style. For this series I will be going for slightly realistic illustrations. I still need to think of animals for some letters to come...


Thursday, 5 March 2015


It may be cliche but I am doing it! A-Z animals. My plan is to finish all 26 letters with animals this year. This is one of my personal project that I want to do in 2015. I don't know what it'll turn into yet. Maybe a booklet, maybe cards but I decided to set myself a project. This is just the first three. I am hoping to illustrate more in the weeks to come. 


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Recipe ingredients taken from BBC Food by Paul Hollywood. 

The busy Christmas and New year-feel seem to be fading away now at work and in town.
Before Christmas I had a meeting with my illustration agency about creating artwork which is much closer to the end product, incorporating illustration with text and making illustration to have its function. So I created this as my first artwork of the year.

My husband and I have started the tradition of having panettone for Christmas. I am not a big fan of Christmas pudding. I find it too boozy and too much dried fruits which makes it over sweet. On the other hand, panettones are less sweet with less dried fruits and they have orange flavour! (I love oranges/satsumas!!) Hence the panettone illustration.