Friday, 2 March 2018

March feeling

もう3月になってしまい、日本に来てから3ヶ月ほどが経ちました。(English to follow.)




さて、2018年に販売する予定で作っていたカレンダー、数人の方にはお渡しすることができたのですが、残りは日本へ来る前にWest elmで販売するために買い取っていただいたために、私のショップで販売ができず、多くの方の目に触れる機会がなかったので、こちらでご紹介させていただきたいと思います。



My gosh, it's March already. It has been about 3 months since my husband and I moved to Japan.

Within those 3 months I have experienced many stuff that I would have done in years if I had lived in Japan. I have never "lived" in Japan after uni, so for me, coming over here was a more scary decision than an exciting one. 

We looked for a room to rent in Tokyo, (but we decided to stay close to my parents since living in Tokyo was an expensive option and we liked the mountains around here. Though finding a room was difficult as my husband is non-Japanese and some landlords are sceptical of foreigners, and my job is freelance and I would be the one signing the contract. They wouldn’t like this either. We hadn't gone further with this so we might have got a place but we don't know..) I also made an inkan - which is a Japanese seal that acts as a signature in western country. I have also written Japanese equivalent of CV - all written by hand and it's a lot of writing! Anyway all these things are natural to those who live here but these were things I had to learn and do. I would have embarrassed myself even more if I was older and didn't know all of these. I was imagining that if I came here I would have fitted in much easier but I discovered that it was much harder and I feel like everyday I am filling in those gaps of knowledge that was missing.

I also had few good things that I experienced because we made the move to Japan. I met a recent client face to face so that I could do a further job with her. Unfortunately it didn't end up being a job but it never happened if I didn't see her here. I wish to do a job with her again in the future and many more opportunities to come while I'm in Japan.

Changing of the subject, I never really got to show you my 2018 London calendar so I thought I might mention it here. I managed to sell few on my Etsy shop and the rest was then sold at west elm Kingston store - which was a big exciting news before I left for Japan. Please see the photos above for detail.
I have illustrated 12 of my favourite places in London and greater London. If you haven't visited any of these places then I really do recommend it.

Finally, this is my wish - I thought I'll mention it so that I should make it happen. I would like to do an exhibition while i'm in Japan.