Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mail Me Art post arrived!

I have signed up for Mail Me Art this year.  Mail me art is a project where artists decorate an envelope with their works and send the envelope to Darren who runs this project by mail. Lots of artists in the world is sending their decorated envelopes to UK.
This was first time I am participating in the project. I have done the illustration shown in the photo above on a watercolour paper and made it into an envelope. This is an illustration inspired by a sweet-tooth chimp in BBC's Africa show. The little monkey is taking the boy to where the chimp is hiding... I have posted it and it has now reached the Mail Me Art head quarter! You can check the work by other artists by visiting the website. ( Click the Mail Me Art link!) They are amazing.

Mail Me Artは、封筒に絵を描き、それを郵便で送るプロジェクトです。世界の色々なアーティストから送られる封筒を受け取るのは、主催者のダレン。送られてきた封筒は後に展示会で紹介されて、本としても出版されます。リンク先から他のアーティストの封筒も見れます。みんな気合いが入っているし、素敵な絵がいっぱいです。

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 2

I failed to upload the photo, but this is what I did yesterday for my One a day project.
I took so many photos of Autumnal leaves last year, wanting to illustrate it somehow. Now I came up with an idea of turning them into envelopes.
This is a proto type of my envelope.
Many others to come. Once it is finished, I am planning to put on Etsy shop.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Forget 5 a Day

This isn't about essential fruits or vegetable I need to have in a day. This is about creating.
I need to MAKE a day, at least. Recently I am feeling rubbish, not being productive enough, not coming up with any good ideas. So I have decided I am going to make/illustrate one thing a day. This shouldn't be too hard. Whether it turns out to be simple or rubbish, I make one thing a day. Hence the coice of material - cartridge paper! I don't have to feel too pressured about creating not so good work on a good acrylic paper. Let's see how long it will last.


Monday, 18 February 2013

Birthday Party

I was privileged enough to be asked to design a birthday party invite and thank you card for the beautiful girl, Carmel who turned 2 this weekend.  
These are the photos of printed cards. I have been also asked to design a poster and confetti for the party. I hope she and her mum & dad enjoyed the party this weekend. 


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Website logo design

I have been working on the website for Studio Pinocky since last year with my husband - who is a programmer at Bilayti Limited. Studio Pinocky is a multi-purpose rental studio space which my parents started from this year. The studio also provides dance classes and music lessons. Its grand open is beginning of April, but they are open for trial sessions until then.
Above is the character and text I have designed for the studio. I very much appreciate my husband for making the website with me sitting and explaining what each texts mean in Japanese and where they go etc. - thank you, D! 

You can visit the studio website from here.