Monday, 28 May 2012

London by Day and Night - new illustration

It is rather late to be talking about it but I went to Pick Me Up Contemporary Art fair at Somerset house in March. The works there were so inspirational and I felt so excited! I found one illustrator/printmaker I really liked the work of. His name is Jon McNaught. ( his work the middle picture.) It is so graphical yet still has very nice illustrative feel to it. So I was inspired by him and wanted to do a new work on London.  
Here it is my new work. London by day and night. ( Top picture.) Could have added more people, or neon scene but do you get the feel?

3月にサマーセット・ハウスのグラフィック/イラスト展で、ジョン・マクナウトというイラストレーター&プリントメーカーの人の作品に出会いました。(写真:真ん中と3番目)デザインされつつもイラストの温かみを含んだ作品がとても素敵で、その人に影響され、今回はロンドンの絵を描いてみました。 ロンドンの昼の顔と夜の顔を表したんだけど、もうちょっと夜景と朝のラッシュの風景とかも含めば良かったのかなぁ?


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