Thursday, 12 January 2012

Winter Health & Beauty illustration on Morrisons Magazine!

 Article words by Kate Best

I was commissioned to do illustrations for Health & Beauty article for Morrisons Magazine few months ago and now it is published! It is inside their issue Jan/Feb 2012.
I am so happy to see them come out on a printed material! Thanks to D's colleague for picking up the magazine as well. Hoping to do some more works this year to expand my portfolio.



Helen said...

That's great must be so proud of yourself.

I met you over a year ago at the Landmark Art Fair in Teddington and I really loved your designs, plus you were lovely and friendly. I have your business card with the man in the boat and the red waves stuck on the wall above my creative space as I really love it. Keep up the good work.

Helen x

Nozomi Inoue said...

Hi Helen,
I am very glad that you left a message on my blog. How strange those things happen. I met you at Landmark? Thank you for the lovely comments. xx

Jade Graham said...

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