Friday, 30 December 2011

Romanian city, Sibiu print available on Etsy!

I have added a new item on my shop on Etsy.
The print of this original illustration is on sale right now so please have a peek!
I went to visit my friends town in Romania called Sibiu this year and found the buildings and housed incredibly cute! They had window in the roof which made them look like they had a face on each house. So I intentionally exaggerated the face! I really enjoyed painting the details in this work.

今年ルーマニアの友人の住んでいるシビウという街を訪れて インスピレーションをもらって描いた作品です。街のほとんどの建物の屋根に窓がついていて、それが目のようで、家に顔があるみたいな、とても可愛らしい街でした。どうぞショップにてご覧ください。

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