Thursday, 22 December 2016

MORE Magazine from Shueisha inc. Japan

Last week, I received a thank you email from the editor of a monthly fashion magazine, "MORE" from Shueisha Inc. in Japan. I have now completed a year of editorial illustration job for the magazine. It has been an honour to produce illustrations for them this year. MORE is a magazine I have known for a long time when I lived in Japan so when I got the contact to illustrate a page monthly it felt somehow surreal but at the same time very excited. It was also my first recurring job. Until then I had never took upon a job that happened regularly. So It was amazing as being an illustrator it is always hard not knowing when the next job will come in.

The illustration style I was asked to produce was also different from my usual painted style. It was more of a line-drawn style with limited use of colours. Every month I was briefed to illustrate characters in a city around the world with an animal. Theme depended on the seasonal features of that month. I enjoyed the briefs every month. I had many opportunities to illustrate places or scenes I have never illustrated before. So it challenged me in a good way too. I am very grateful for the opportunity that MORE gave me and really really happy to have met the editor and the designer, the magazine and the magazine readers too. Thank you very much!!!

There are still two more issues to be published with my illustrations in it. I'll be updating those on my facebook page.

May issue was published in spring featuring colourful Bento recipes for ohanami (Japanese cherry-blossom watching/picnic)so the brief was a picnic. - I was specifically asked for western style picnic rather than the Japanese Ohanami style.   5月号は、お弁当特集を雑誌で取り上げていたので、テーマは「ピクニックでした。お花見ではない、欧州でやるようなピクニックということで、サンドイッチやチーズなどを食べてるカップルにしてみました。




September issue with the theme of stargazing.

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