Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Approaching December

It has been a while since my last post! I need to write more frequently!

Since around September, along with my monthly editorial commissions I have been busy making a piece for an illustration competition, creating some wedding stationery for friends and creating new work for a group exhibition in Japan. (This coming December! I will write the detail in this post.)

I will be heading to Japan for a week from the end of the month - Very exciting!!
I can't wait to soak in onsen - public bath, especially in this weather! It's going to be good.

"My Favourite Things" group exhibition in Tokyo
From Monday 5th to Saturday 10th December I will be exhibiting my newly created work for LP record cover exhibition at Laundry Graphics Gallery in Tokyo.
The theme for the cover was "My favourite things." So I could create anything I like or something related to a musician, Mayumi Kojima who will be performing at the event. So I combined the illustrations inspired by my trip to India few years ago and some of Mayumi's songs which feature sea and whales. I will post the images when I come back from the trip.
You can see the exhibition detail here at Laundry Graphic Gallery's website.

Also during December, I will be having a stall out at St.Agatha's school Xmas fair in Kingston. Because of my trip to Japan I have laid off applying for bigger London Xmas fairs but thankfully, my husband, very kindly agreed to stand at the stall for me on 4th December while I am away...Thank you!! So anyone local, please come and visit Nozomi Inoue illustration stall for some prints, posters and cards on Sunday 4th December between 2-5pm.

(Work in progress. Illustration for the exhibition in Tokyo. レコードジャケット展へ出品した作品の制作途中写真)



【My Favorite Things レコードジャケット展】 at Laundry Graphics Gallery in Tokyo.

12月5日(月)〜10日(土)まで渋谷にあるLaundry Graphics Galleryにて、レコードジャケット展に参加いたします。今回のグループ展に参加するにあたり、新しい作品を制作しました。写真は制作途中のイラストです。「私のお気に入り」をテーマに、数年前にいったインドへの旅行と、イベントにてパフォーマンスされるミュージシャン、小島麻由美さんからインスピレーションを受けたイラストを描いてみました。是非、仕上がった作品もギャラリーにてご覧ください。お近くにお寄りの方は、是非ランドリーグラフィックスギャラリーに足をお運びくださいませ。

また、12月4日(日)はロンドン郊外のキングストンにある学校、St.Agatha's schoolにてクリスマス・フェアに出店して参加する予定です。当日私はフェアには参加できないのですが、お近くにお住まいの方は是非お立ち寄りください。私のオリジナルの作品、プリント、クリスマスカードなどを販売しております。


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