Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Power of illustration!

I've just had an approval from my client on a new job.
Above is just a little peek of the work. I have illustrated various animals and Adam & Eve that might appear in a jungle...or in the garden of Eden.

I often think and struggle nowadays that if I really want to pursue my career as an illustrator. But getting a job like this and having the client saying they love my work makes me really happy and realise I probably can't take "illustrating" out of my life completely.

最近、このままイラストレーターとして続けていくことに対して不安だったり、やる気が削られそうになることがあったけれど、こうやってお仕事がもらえたり、依頼先の方から、「I love it!」なんて言われると、やっぱりすごく嬉しいし、絵を描くことを完全にやめてしまうことはできないだろうなぁ、なんて思います。この気持ちが消えないように、ちょっと頑張らねばです。



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