Sunday, 26 May 2013

Exploring London

I knew about this book but I hadn't bought it for a while. Until when I find myself going back to the same old places every time I go into London.
Finally I have bought this book called, "Tired of London, Tired of Life"
This book tells you London'd hidden delights - places to visit every day. One place a day for 365 days.

Now I am seeing different scenes of London. Here are two of the places we've been from the book.

最近、ロンドン市内に出ても、今まで行ったことのある場所にばかりまた訪れている自分に気づき、そしてそんな場所ばっかりで少し退屈していたのだけれど、「Tired of London, Tired of Life」という本を買って、今までに訪れたことない、ロンドンのまた違った一面を見るのが楽しい。

The view of London from Westminster Cathedral. We looked over the city from the top of the tower!


At Lassco Brunswick House at Vauxhall. Great place to visit. They have vintage interior and products. It would be nice if you are thinking to decorate your house.


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