Thursday, 28 December 2017

West elm Kingston store

I wanted to write about West elm before the new year. This was one of the exciting thing that happened this year! Few of my products from my online shop is now stored and available to buy in west elm Kingston store.

West elm is an American furniture and interior store and they also have a programme called west elm LOCAL which is a programme to connect the local makers and the community together in their each store location. The artists are working locally and using locally sourced materials to make the products. I think this is a brilliant way to bring the people and artists together and make each store unique. It was my first wholesale experience and I have learnt a lot from this project.

My stocked items at the store are linocut prints of London icons, 2018 London calendar, map of London poster, set of London postcards and Thames river greeting cards.

Unfortunately I had already left UK for the store opening (which was on 8th December) but so many of my friends were sending me photos of the store with my items. Thank you so much!! And this could not have happened without the help of 2 friends who kindly helped me with the packaging and the delivery of the products to the store. Thank you so much!! xx

Although I was in the amidst of all the packing and sorting out for the move to Japan, it was worth the hustle of getting all my products ready, printed and partially packaged and doing all the product administration. I really want to see the store myself when I get back to London.

年が明けてしまう前に、今年の大きな仕事の話を上げておきたくて書いています。West elm Kingstonへの作品出店は、私にとって今年の大きなニュースのうちの一つとなりました。 オンラインショップで扱っていた商品のいくつかが、今月からキングストンにあるwest elmのお店で購入できます。

west elmはアメリカ全国で展開している、おしゃれな家具とインテリアのお店です。その中でも、west elm LOCALという地域密着型プロジェクトが行われていて、店舗ごとにその地域で活躍するアーティストの作品をお店で取り扱い、地域の皆さんを作品と繋ぐプロジェクトをやっています。アーティストはその店舗地域で活動し、作品に使う材料もその地域、または国で揃えたものを使ってのものづくりということが前提です。私は今回、イギリスでのwest elm2店舗目となる、キングストン店舗でそのプログラムに参加させていただくことになりました。お店で商品を扱ってもらうというのは、初めての経験で、今回色々と学ばせていただきました。




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