Friday, 14 July 2017

Local hero cafe mural work

I have worked on rather large scale canvases in the last month.
I was asked to recreate the takeout cup design I did for Local hero cafe 3 years ago onto their walls.

This was my original design for the paper cups. The brief was fairly open. The owner wanted a cyclist holding coffee with fume coming out. So I came up with the sketch of the cyclist passing London scene and everyone turning around for the aroma of coffee. Local hero cafes are located in Kingston and Fulham (both within London) so I included the iconic cityscapes and the Richmond and Bushy park deer as this would tie in nicely with both cafe location. I then added latte art as trees in the scene.

I have taken some photos of how the mural was done. (Please excuse me for amateurish video! I was experimenting with time-lapse setting and the camera wasn't set still...😅   )

At first I was little scared to make the mark on such a big canvas but as soon as I started I really enjoy having such a massive space to draw freely! I have also discovered new materials for mural jobs.

ćčŽć‰ă«ăƒ†ă‚€ă‚Żă‚ąă‚Šăƒˆă‚«ăƒƒăƒ—ă‚’ăƒ‡ă‚¶ă‚€ăƒłă•ă›ăŠă„ăŸă ă„ăŸă‚«ăƒ•ă‚§ă§、ćŁă«ă‚€ăƒ©ă‚čăƒˆă‚’æăăŠä»•äș‹ă‚’ă„ăŸă—ăŸă—ăŸ。ăƒ‡ă‚¶ă‚€ăƒłăŻă‚«ăƒƒăƒ—ă«æă„ăŸă‚‚ăźăšćŒă˜ă§、ă‚łăƒŒăƒ’ăƒŒă‚’ç‰‡æ‰‹ă«è‡Șè»ąè»Šă§é€šă‚Šă™ăŽăŠă„ăă‚­ăƒŁăƒ©ăźă‚łăƒŒăƒ’ăƒŒăźéŠ™ă«、çš†ăŒæŒŻă‚Šć‘ă„ăŠă„ăăšă„ăŁăŸă‚‚ăźă§ă™。ăƒ­ăƒłăƒ‰ăƒłăźă‚ąă‚€ă‚łăƒłçš„ăȘć»ș物や、ăƒ©ăƒ†ă‚ąăƒŒăƒˆă‚’æœšă«èŠ‹ç«‹ăŠăŠæă„ăŸă‚€ăƒ©ă‚čトです。

今曞は、æă„ăŠă„ă‚‹æ‰€ă‚’ć†™çœŸă«æ’źăŁăŠăƒ“ăƒ‡ă‚Șă«ă—ăŠăżăŸă—ăŸ。漟鹓的&ă‚żă‚€ăƒ ăƒ©ăƒ—ă‚čćˆćżƒè€…ăȘたで、ă‚«ăƒĄăƒ©ăŒăƒ–ăƒŹăƒ–ăƒŹăźă‚ąăƒžăƒăƒ„ă‚ąăƒ“ăƒ‡ă‚ȘにăȘăŁăŠă—ăŸăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ăŒ、ăŠèš±ă—ăźă»ă©ă‚’!

æœ€ćˆă«ăƒ©ă‚€ăƒłă‚’ćŒ•ăçžŹé–“ăŻç·ŠćŒ”ă—ăŸă—ăŸăŒ、ă„ă€ă‚‚ă‚ˆă‚Šć€§ćˆ†ć€§ăăȘキャンバă‚čă«ç””ă‚’æăă“ăšă«ćŸă€…ă«ăȘれど、ć­äŸ›ăźé ƒă«æˆ»ăŁăŸă‚ˆă†ă«æ„œă—ă‚ăŸă—ăŸ。ćŁç”»ç”šăźæ–°ă—ă„ç”»æă«ă‚‚ć‡șäŒšăˆăŸă—、ć……ćźŸă—ăŸăŠä»•äș‹ă‚’ă•ă›ăŠă„ăŸă ăăŸă—ăŸ。

Local hero serves hot breakfast and freshly made daily salad and serves nice coffee. Come and see the mural in Kingston and Fulham store and enjoy a nice cup of drink.

Local hero ă‚«ăƒ•ă‚§ăźă‚­ăƒłă‚°ă‚čトン、ăƒ•ăƒ«ăƒăƒ ćș—ずäșŒă€ăšă‚‚æăăŸă—ăŸăźă§、ăŠèż‘ăă«ăŠćŻ„ă‚Šăźæ–čăŻæ˜ŻéžèšȘれどみどください。ă‚€ăƒłă‚°ăƒȘăƒƒă‚·ăƒ„ăƒ–ăƒŹăƒƒă‚Żăƒ•ă‚ĄăƒŒă‚čăƒˆă‚„æ—„æ›żă‚ă‚Šăźă‚”ăƒ©ăƒ€ăȘど、ăŠă„ă—ă„ă‚łăƒŒăƒ’ăƒŒă‚‚éŁČă‚ă‚‹ăŠă™ă™ă‚ăźă‚«ăƒ•ă‚§ă§ă™。


Francis said...

Nice - I'll have to drop by to admire it next week!

Nozomi Inoue said...

Thank you, Francis! Hope you enjoy the mural with your coffee.