Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Illustrating Lake District

 I went back to Lake District again for the second time last month. I love the area and we decided to go again. I just love the views from fells and the scenery of mountains with waterfalls and lakes. This is one of the view we saw at the top of a fell in North Lake lands. I also found out about Alfred Wainwright who was a fell walker who explored and illustrated the walks he has done in Lake lands between 1050-1960s. The books were incredible! All the details he has illustrated!

湖水地方は何度も戻りたいと思わせる魅力を持つ、イギリスの地域の一つだと思う。今回で訪れたのは2度目。やはり素敵な地域だ。なんといっても山の頂上から見る村や湖の風景、滝や、その辺で草を食べてる湖水地方特有のバイキング羊が すぐそこで見れる。イラストはそんな景色の中の一風景をイラストにしたもの。

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