Friday, 21 August 2009

This is soooooooooo Japanese!

My friend has pointed out to me that the Japanese people tilt their heads when they are thinking or trying to recall something. So I have illustrated this. Japanese people bow when they show appreciation or apology as well. This behavior is called ojigi.

My work was chosen for the Two of Heart competition! Yay!


Calvanki said...

I don´t know how many people tell you that... but I´m sure I was one,jajajaj.

I liked it.

billyperry said...

i really like this day i would love to make a 3d model of the baby blue character.

keep it up.

Nozomi Inoue said...

Yeah, Al. I had an inspiration from your comment.

Billy! How nice to hear from you!
Thank you. Glad you like this. It will be nice to see the 3d model of the character!